Guest Bedroom Guide: 8 tips to transform your guest bedroom

November 17, 2017

Guest Bedroom Guide: 8 tips to transform your guest bedroom


Guest Room Guide: 8 tips to transform your guest bedroom

Here are 8 easy tips to your guest bedroom ready before guests arrive next week. We know the holidays can be stressful hosting family and in laws. Follow these 8 easy tips and they'll feel right at home. If you are missing something, place your order before Monday 11/20 to receive free expedited shipping. We'll make sure your Canary Lane order arrives before your guests do! 

No. 1 - Bring in fresh flowers or eucalyptus to make the room smell fresh. Nothing says, "we're happy you're here" better than fresh greenery and florals. Our favorite spot for fresh eucalyptus is Trader Joe’s. Pick some up when your shopping for all your Thanksgiving supplies! And after your guests leave you can hang the eucalyptus branches from your shower head and they will release the natural oils each time the steam from the shower reaches them. It creates an aromatic experience and is beneficial for your respiratory system!  

No. 2 - Leave a fun guest book in the room for your guests to fill out with a fun note with a memory or two from their visit. These are really fun to look back and read over time and see all the people who have visited. 

No. 3 Add a bit of lavender oil to wool dryer balls. This will refresh guest bedding if it has been sitting untouched for some time. The balls help fluff bedding and the scent will be relaxing and calming for your guests. 

No. 4 - Refresh your bed pillows with new ones if they are lacking that fluff factor. Adding statement throw pillows makes a plain bed really pop! Our pillows are made with vintage textiles which texture and color. We like to mix it up between our long lumbar pillows or two or three square pillows.

No. 5 - Add a cozy rug to the floors. Rugs add warmth and texture underfoot in any room or hallway. If you need a rug to warm up the cold tile for a guest bath, our small yastik rugs are the perfect size! And if you need help deciding which one would work best in your space, remember our concierge service is always here to help! 

No. 6 - Add an extra blanket or two to the foot of the bed in case your guests get chilly in the middle of the night.  



No. 7Add some wow to bare walls with a large statement piece that hangs over the bed. Our Juju hats are sculptural and draw the eye. You can mix it up by having one large Juju ‘fly solo’ over the bed or add a collection of Juju hats to more drama and surely make anyone’s jaw drop. Don’t forget, our small Juju hats can easily be great additions to a gallery wall as well! 

No. 8Little details matter. Place fresh towels in the room and bottles of water on the night stands. Bonus points if you have a bowl of mints or chocolates on the nightstand or dresser. This will make guests feel even more welcome and at home during their visit. Plugging in a nightlight is another easy tip so that guests don't stub their toes in the middle of the night.  

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