Our Rugs

At Canary Lane, we believe in traveling to directly to the origin to ethically-source all of our textile collections. We curate one-of-a-kind, rare, vintage pieces
from dealers that we know and trust. Through our travels to Turkey, we've created beautiful relationships with the people in this business. 
Each piece is hand selected by our founder, Meredith who curates each of our collections. Canary Lane rugs are unusual and full of stories that are woven into the pieces.

Through our explorations, we search for high-quality pieces to fit in your home. Since every rug in our shop is vintage and 100% handmade,
they all differ in beautiful, special ways. Our vintage rugs are decades old and will continue to age gracefully over time. They are made to last and resilient pieces because they are made from the best wool and crafted by hand by talented artisans. From the woven patterns to the way they're finished, every creation is unique. In some rugs, you can even find small pieces of fabric from the weavers clothing that has been added as a personal touch and is believed to represent good wishes. By adding a Canary Lane rug to your home, you're adding a unique story. 

After each one of our rugs is selected, it goes through a natural cleaning process, making sure no harmful chemicals are entering your space. Each rug is then packaged with care and sent out for you to enjoy.