Our Story

Canary Lane is a collection of beautiful, handmade, ethically-sourced pieces from across the globe. We believe that your space should be a reflection of your personality, so we travel the world to bring one-of-a-kind textiles for you and your home.
We seek out unusual and distinctly beautiful pieces that stand out from the crowd. Through our obsession with hunting for beautiful goods, we find precisely what our clients are looking for -- before they even knew it. We work closely with reputable vendors who we know and trust and are like our family. We are very selective about our sources and trek across the world to keep a pulse on the operations and in order to source ethically. People are the heart and soul of why we do what we do.

Our passion to bring you the best, is paired with our values of sourcing ethically produced items, befriending our trusted vendors, and building opportunities for women in the communities we visit. We strive for exceptional quality, rarity and vibrancy throughout our collections executed in a way that treats people and the planet fairly, thus empowering us all to choose beautiful, sustainable items with a story.

About the Founder
Meredith MacDougall

From a young age, Meredith was focused on details. During a college trip abroad, she became smitten with the beauty and handmade authenticity of the textiles she stumbled upon as she journeyed throughout Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. As she traveled, she would purchase these beautiful textiles to bring home and sell. After traveling to 30 countries, she decided to incorporate her love of textiles into her own business, Canary Lane.

Canary Lane has grown and transformed over the years, but Meredith’s passion for textiles, details and human connection has remained the same.

Currently based in Illinois, Meredith spends her days amongst colorful stacks of rugs and far too many plants to count.