Our Story

"Your space should reflect the rarity of your style."
    It began with the simple idea that our home should feel as though it reflected who we were. That concept mixed with an everlasting sense of wanderlust and the enchantment of handmade textiles led us down the path which is now Canary Lane. Our philosophy is rooted in the idea that your individual style should define your space so that it feels like yours and yours alone. We seek out unusual and distinctly beautiful pieces that stand out from the crowd. Since our simple beginning, Canary Lane has continued to grow because we have put an unmatched level of passion for seeking out the absolute best for our clients and their homes.
The Canary Lane collection draws inspiration from venturing off the beaten path and to places far, far away. We are obsessed with hunting the globe for the best goods and discovering beautiful pieces that are precisely what our clients were looking for -- before they even knew it. 
- Meredith 
Owner & Creative Director