'Bliss' Tribal Vintage Turkish Rug - 2'8'' x 11'7''

Custom Cut Felt Rug Pad
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The 'Bliss' vintage Turkish runner rug is an extremely rare find from the Kurdish region. This pattern and color combination make this an unbelievable piece. The eye pattern symbolizes the evil eye and the meaning of this is to ward off evil and bring good fortune. And the diamond pattern with opposing colors symbolizes love and fertility. This rug was likely given as a gift to a newlywed couple as a token of love and hope for the future many years ago making this a rug with a very special history. 

  • Size:  2 ft. 8 in.  x  11 ft. 7 in.   //   32 in.  x  139 in.
  • Colors: Peach, fuschia, navy, pink, lavender, brown
  • Material: Wool
  • Origin: Turkey