'Jazz' Turkish Vintage Tribal Runner - 3' x 13'11''

Custom Cut Felt Rug Pad
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The 'Jazz' vintage Turkish runner is one of the most coveted patterns we specialize in sourcing. This rug has a lovely colorway as well as a bold geometric pattern that makes a statement as a piece of art for your floors. Every rug has a story and that story is told through the symbols that each have their own meaning. The large diamond pattern signifies the eye and protection from evil. The flowers represent hyacinth blooms and symbolize regeneration. And the smaller two triangles atop one another represent motherhood and fertility. 

  • Size:  3 ft.  x  13 ft. 11 in.   //   36 in.  x  167 in.
  • Colors: Red, fuschia, blush, orange, gray and cream
  • Material: Wool
  • Age: 30-40 Years
  • Origin: Turkey