'Sunrise' Vintage Turkish Rug - 3'7'' x 9'9''

Custom Cut Felt Rug Pad
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The 'Sunrise' vintage Turkish rug is a unique piece that is sure to make a bold statement. The color resembles the color in a sunrise and the pattern signifies the story that the weaver wanted to tell. The symbols in Turkish rugs all represent different meanings and this rug has several special motifs woven into it. The largest pattern symbol represents fertility and motherhood. The diamonds signify protection from evil and are believed to bring good fortune and there are several ram's horns motifs that represent strength. This rug is the waiting for the perfect home and we can't wait to see where it ends up. 

  • Size:  3 ft. 7 in.  x  9 ft. 9 in.   //   43 in.  x  117 in.
  • Colors: Peach, fuschia, blue, cream, and brown
  • Material: Wool
  • Age: 30-40 Years
  • Origin: Turkey