'Unicorn' Rare Tribal Runner

Custom Cut Felt Rug Pad
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The 'Unicorn' vintage Turkish runner rug is aptly named because this remarkable piece has a pattern and color combination that is as rare as finding a unicorn. We didn't think colors in rugs this age and excellent condition even existed. So we had a hard time believing our eyes when we found this incredible rug while we were on our most recent sourcing trip, scouring rural areas of Turkey for the most elusive rugs.

The star pattern woven throughout this rug signifies good fortune and good luck, the flower pattern along the border signifies protection from evil and if you look closely there are also primitive symbols of camels woven into a few parts of the rug which signify prosperity in the Kurdish culture. This magic carpet is hands down one of our top 3 favorite rugs that we have ever found and we can't wait to see where this rug gets to live in its forever home. 


  • Size :  2 ft. 11 in. x  11 ft. 8 in.  // 35 in. x 140 in.
  • Colors: Blush pink, hot pink, blue, orange, pastel yellow, and oatmeal
  • Material: Wool
  • Age: 70-80 Years
  • Origin: Turkey

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