Gallery Wall Goals

December 15, 2017

Gallery Wall Goals

5 tips to make your gallery wall really pop!

We've all seen the famed and framed gallery wall on Pinterest. But if you want to make yours stand out, we've got a few tips.  

Gallery walls don't have to only consist of framed photos and art. In fact, we love the eclectic and collected look for a gallery wall in any home. Adding unique accessories and treasures is a fun way to create a dimensional look that stands out from the crowd and surely stands out from the wall. A well done gallery wall is a great opportunity to choose pieces that reflect who we are, what our style is and what we love in our homes.

  1.  Add framed items in a way you might not have expected. Framing items like textiles or small objects with texture into a shadowbox frame adds depth within the frame. Our framed vintage African mud cloth and indigo are unique pieces that are perfectly imperfect additions to a gallery wall. They look great as an individual piece on the wall but look even better hung as a pair or in a trio together. 
  2. Play with shapes. Think outside of the proverbial box, or in this case the frame. Use circular or abstract shaped objects to add a sculptural dimension to the collection. Odd shaped mirrors or vintage treasures are a great addition. And speaking of circular shapes, our next tip could be a perfect fit.
  3.  Add a Juju hat to your gallery wall. Juju hats add a truly unique textural and dimensional element to a gallery wall. They come in all sizes and colors to compliment any style. You can shop the various sizes and styles we have in our collection here. 
  4. Use treasures from travels. It never fails that we discover small trinkets and treasures along the way when traveling abroad. These items make their way home with us but sometimes get hidden away. Instead, bring the quirky objects out for display and let them be a memory of your adventures, that helps to tell a story. 
  5.  Put down the hammer! Measure and map out your gallery before hanging pieces. We're all guilty of going to hang something and having to adjust it (several times) after seeing it hung up on the wall. Instead, use accurately sized and shaped cut outs on kraft paper along with a level and painter's tape to map out your layout before you decide to put any holes in the wall. 
Bonus Tip: Editing is an essential aspect of styling a space. Only use objects that you truly love or that bring you joy. Edit out things that you don't care for. Our homes are a way to tell our stories and gallery walls are a visual storytelling element. 
Check out some of the items in our 'Home Details' collection for an easy way to start that gallery wall refresh in order to create a curated narrative for your wall! 
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And let us know what your favorite additions are for gallery walls! We want to hear in the comments below! 

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